Optional Services

Southtown Computer Solutions is pleased to offer our customers optional services. If you are in need of a service not listed below feel free to contact us here. E-mail Transfer/Restore: Back-up and restore locally stored e-mail and account info. (Per User Account) iTunes Transfer/Restore: Install iTunes and restores the library so that it functions properly. (Per User Account) Other Program Transfer/Restore: Back-up and restore data for specified programs. (Per User Account)

Operating System Installation’s

If you need a fresh start, we recommend a new installation of your operating system to make things run smooth again. Backup and restoration of  your documents and pictures is provided at an additional cost.

Operating System Cleaning & Optimization

Southtown computer solutions will perform diagnostic testing and remove unnecessary programs, install security updates, and optimize the system for speed and stability. This service is provided to keep your computer running and up-to-date.

Physical PC Cleaning

Southtown computer solutions offers the service of physically cleaning your computer to improve system stability and prevent overheating. All internal components are cleaned and particular attention especially the fans, vents, and CPU heat sinks.

Data Backup’s and transfer’s

Southtown computer solutions offers various options for backing up or transferring your data. We provide the following services: Data backup utilizing your own backup media brought to us or purchased separately. Data backup and transfer after Operating System (OS) installation. All old non-OS related data is transferred to a single folder and shortcut to it is placed on your desktop. New computer setup with optimization: we move and restore personal data, updates, and optimize a new computer. See our Optional…

Virus Removal & Prevention

Southtown computer solutions can provide you with peace of mind for trojan, worm, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and adware removal. Don’t know if you have any of these things are plaguing your computer? Infected computers may be slow to start up, your web browser redirecting you to pages you did not want to go to, and receiving an unusual amount of pop-ups. Below is a helpful description of malicious software types from Malwaretips. Trojan Horse A Trojan Horse is a type…

LCD Screen Repair

Do you have a broken LCD screen? Is your broken screen a touchscreen? We can help resolve your issue with our LCD screen repair services.


Southtown Computer Solutions provides computer diagnostics. If your computer is running slow, frequently “Not Responding” or does not act the same as it use to after you purchased it; we can assist in diagnosing the issue. All computers brought to us will undergo a diagnostic check to ensure¬† your computer is running at its best.